Services for Independent Living

Tenant Support Services
Menorah Park’s Tenant Support Services encompass a broad range of social services and other programs which assist our residents in continuing to live at Menorah Park in spite of increasing frailty, as well as address the multi-cultural nature of our population.

Our Services Coordinator arranges, coordinates, and monitors assistance provided to residents by outside resources that address needs that can’t be met by Menorah Park; examples include food programs, home help agencies, Adult Protective Services, readers for the blind etc. The Services Coordinator acts as the resident’s advocate.

Our supportive services do not duplicate those available from outside agencies, but link residents with other programs and monitor use of these services. We build and encourage informal networks of assistance, which are invaluable and fill gaps not met through organized service programs.

Tenant Support Services also include recreational, social, and educational programs that foster interaction, are fun, enhance self-esteem, foster new relationships, and reduce social isolation and depression.

Bilingual Services Coordinator and Bilingual Translator
Bilingual staff enables Menorah Park to provide a high level of service to our Russian-speaking residents and facilitates English/Russian programming and multi-cultural activities.

In addition, a Cantonese/Mandarin translator comes once a week, and is available via phone at any time. Menorah Park also is registered with the Language Line.

The Health Corner
The Health Corner is an outgrowth of and a direct response to the “Aging in Place” of the resident population. The Health Corner is directed and administered by the Institute on Aging. It is funded by an annual San Francisco Jewish Community Federation grant and by private fundraising.

The Health Corner offers a wide range of health screening and monitoring, health education/promotion, assessment and consultation services. In addition to individual contacts, the Health Corner sponsors various group programs and brings outside resources to the facility. The Health Corner does not replace the primary care physician, but rather works in coordination with the physician to facilitate the residents’ use of this care.